I wrote Acting Out to help leaders move from ineffective to effective; to help them move from theory to action. In addition to describing the WHAT of leadership, this book places an emphasis on the HOW of leadership; intending for the reader to actually DO something with the information they have been provided. Are you up for the challenge?

Most leadership training is passive in nature; it is not an outcomes-based process. Leadership is not a passive event, it requires leaders to take action. Acting Out provides readers with the tools they need to take information about leadership, and convert it into knowledge and effective behaviors.

MW Consulting 

“Though leadership is one of the most popular topics to read about – few books ever result in a change of behavior by the reader. That failure is due to the fact that most books focus on the intellectual discussion of leadership and not its implementation. Acting Out does not fall into that trap but both provokes and encourages the reader to practice what he or she is reading. This book is not only useful but needed in a day where most managers seem to fail at bringing what they believe to what they do. Mitch Weinzetl has provided all of us with tools to help us become better leaders.”

Dr. Jack Enter, Ph.D. – Author and Leadership Expert

"An Action Oriented - Practical approach to leadership! - Acting Out combines the author's extensive experience with the input of top thinkers on leadership - applying them to the realities of management today, delivering pragmatic solutions for government, law enforcement and corporate players."

Peter K. Heldman - Author ChangeMakers Secrets & Strategies, Executive Director, Georgetown Leadership Planning Institute.


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